• Stunter 13 | StuntGP 1st Place
  • Shin Kinoshita | Ken Block
  • Drift 3 | APEX & EDUB
  • HIP860

    THE HIP 2 THE HOP | NICK APEX04.02.14

    Hop that shit

    They asked me to write about the art of the kangaroo, but there’s really no art behind it. When I think about the art in freestyle I see no handed circles, fines based tricks, those things that let people say riding can be like ice skating, or that dick that says we’re ballerinas on motorcycles. The kangaroo is more of that baseball bat in a street brawl sorta feeling. If you’ve done it how the overlords of freestyle demand, you’ve turned your front wheel into a grenade and cooked that bitch in your hand until it was hinging on taking it off. So lets get to it.

    Step one: Tell yourself this is going to be the biggest one you’ll ever jump, every time. Nothing, NOTHING, is worse than half assing this trick. When I do it wrong and it barely gets off the ground I feel like I was publicly denied hitting on a 240lb last chance qualifier, revel in the shame, it sucks, bad.

    Step two: Pick up faster than you should for this trick. Anytime you see it taken to the moon, the rider probably thought they were doomed at pick up. You should have enough butt pucker to fill a weeks quota in this 10 seconds.

    Step three: Turn the endo in early, much, much too early for it’s own good. The whole idea is that you’re going to control the force of a highside, this trick is just saving a crash in the most spectacular way possible.

    Step four: So now you’ve disregarded safety for glory, picked up the endo too fast, you’ve committed to it, you’ve created a highside by turning in too early (think I’m doing a 180, but started that 180 about 25ft early), now it’s time to make the magic. You’re going to feel the bike start to build energy in the front end, the back end is desperately trying to rotate around the front but the speed wont let it. You’re now at the point where you’ll be able to crack skulls or look like a chump. The crux of the trick is here, it’s finding out when to snap your front calipers full pinch. This timing is crucial you need to find the point where the tail of the bike will take over the direction of travel by stabbing the front brake. It’s taking all that highside power and rotating it over the front by giving it to the back. I find that over looking the rotation can help nail the timing. When I’m bitching out from big hops I’ll start looking though the rotation so I can feel the bike more and pay less attention to my direction of travel.

    Step five: Repeat it over and over, it’ll get bigger, the only pump is repetition.

    Step six: Answer everyone’s questions who’s never seen it before about how to do it.

    Every time you do it the best you can it feels as good as the first time. Addicting, and the key to understanding what’s possible with these bikes. There’s a lot to develop from controlling these highsides on one or two wheels, there’s a way to rewrite freestyle from all this, you can still change the game.

  • Rafa GP ShinGP

    Stunter 13 | StuntGP 1st 07.08.13

    Athletes Rafal Pasierbek and Japans Shin Kinoshita were in Poland this past weekend for the yearly StuntGP World Championship. Ninja skills and heavy hands of throttle later and Rafal “Stunter 13″ walked away with another dominating performance taking home the crown. Shin Kinoshita layed it down and walked out in 7th place in an insanely stacked field. Congrats fellas. Some champagne is in order for that pimp chalice!

  • Shin


    Athlete Shin Kinoshita threw down in the land of the rising sun for Ken Blocks “Tokyo Gymkhana”. Huge area, drifts, and a 5 foot ninja mackin’ on his ZX636 and crazy KTM RC8. If you havent seen Shins skills in person check out the clip and feast your eyes on ninja gaiden!


    After 3 long years of incarceration in High Plains County Penitentiary Monster Energy’s Ernie Vigil and Nick Brocha are released back into the wild. Upon discovering they started a chain reaction of drift mayhem, the two having sworn off motorcycle drifting didn’t take long to relapse into a life of sideways crime. This time they’re on freshly built 204HP Turbo Triumph Daytona sportbikes.

    In this new absolutely no apologies given land of Driftpocalypse the HPPD has taken drastic measures to put an end to needless wasting of tires. Introducing Officer Buck, a new lawman armed to the teeth in a 850hp X2R go anywhere, annihilate anything, long travel buggy. And back again not content with his forced retirement, Officer Dan Brockett on permanent sabbatical from the HPPD finds a way to join the chase in his personal build 575HP undercover pursuit vehicle.

    Starring Empire Athletes Nick “APEX” Brocha and Ernie “EDUB” Vigil

  • EDUB & APEX | Mods vs. Rockers
  • empire3 empire8 empire6 empire2 kid empire9 empire4


    Sometimes the odds stack against our riders, a wet morning, cement whoops, and a 40X40 riding venue greeted Nick and Ernie on their untested 2013 Street Triple R’s; good times in the heart of Chicago’s Uptown. Small area or not, Avon tires gave up the ghost to the tunes of heavy handed slap bass. Being the only modern bikes at a classic rally could’ve felt out of place but the rockabilly crowd could care less. The whole event is an amazing mix of everything retro and feels perfect in a city of opulence alive with the old world. With bikes as fresh as the riders, and headliners like The Reverend Horton Heat, the Empire crew hopes they’ll see MVR 2014, greased up and ready.

  • Screen

    FIRST RUN | 10 SPOT03.29.13

    First run is in the books. The birth of the 10 Spot. Quick, cheap, and dirty just the way we like it. Choose to either be creative or get destroyed. Either way the linen couldnt get any flyer.

  • 72

    72 HOURS WITH EMPIRE | VIDEO 03.29.13

    The video premise was simple: Empire wanted to pack as much mayhem into a 72 hour period as possible. Featuring a myriad of spots from military bases, mountain roads, Las Vegas rooftops, the Monster Energy warehouse and everything in between the trio of Nick “Apex” Brocha, Ernie “E-Dub” Vigil, and Shin “Shinja” Kinoshita tore apart the Southwestern landscape during this video. Filmed in 300fps HD and featuring an extremely talented supporting cast this video’s goal is to provide 10 minutes of audio/visual entertainment and redefine what a sportbike freestyle video can entail. Sit back, click the HD button, crack a Monster Super Dry (EDUB’s drink of choice) and enjoy 72 Hours with Empire!

  • 10 SPOT | CORNER CHEAP03.29.13

    Cheaper than cheap. In this case 10 dollars does make you hollar. Made from the flyest of linens and guaranteed to not break the bank. Choose to either get creative or get destroyed.

  • Savage Lin's | 2013 Jump off
  • Apex & Edub | Panama Demos
  • Shin Kinoshita | KTM Japan
  • FBBurnout


    Why not? Vinyl is cheap as hell and we happen to know a shirtless Puerto Rican than can print like nobodies business. At the end of the day it’ll throw a little extra jingle into all the damn gas money we waste driving around the country. This is our Factory and it indeed is black. .

  • Savage Lin | 2013 Jump Off 05.16.13

    Little jump off video from Savage Lin’s fresh new bike build and thrash session. Savage is back

  • APEX & EDUB | Panama Demos 05.16.13

    Nothing better than rowdy countries. For the second year Nick Apex and Ernie Vigil have gone down to Panama with Formula D to give Panama a taste of the US drift scene. Tires were smashed and minds were blown and from what we hear the women are top notch.

  • shinKTM


    Shin Kinoshita has been busy in Japan throwing down demos all across the land aboard his freshly decked out KTM fleet. From the Dukes to the RC8 “Shinja” has been thrashing the land of the rising sun.

  • Stunter 13 | Empire Athlete
  • Apex & EDUB | Pusherman
  • Drift 3 | Pre Production
  • Savage & EDUB | Supercross
  • rafal

    STUNTER 13 | EMPIRE ATHLETE 05.16.13

    We’d like to welcome the newest destroyer to the Empire camp. Rafal “Stunter 13″ Pasierbak has been putting in serious work from winning competitions worldwide to crazy high energy web videos. Hes the newest member of the team and expect to see big things and crazy collabos from the US all the way to Poland. The globalization has begun!

  • pusherman

    APEX & EDUB | PUSHERMAN 05.16.13

    “The Pusherman” can best be explained as the evolution of the game. From what we hear though a highchair version has been done and will be coming soon to a demo near you.

  • D3

    DRIFT 3 | PRE PRODUCTION 05.16.13

    The next sequel in the Drift series has been shot and is in post production. Madness. Absolute madness. Be on the lookout for upcoming stills and trailers with a late June release.

  • supercross


    Athletes Savage Lin and Ernie Vigil threw down for the fourth year in a row at the Supercross Finals in Vegas. Every year gets rowdier and rowdier. From what we hear they have something big in store for next year.